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News: Our 2019 Motto

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1/28/2019 12:00:00 AM  Debbie J. Oliver 

The Motto for 2019 is “See a Need, Fill a Need!”

Our 2019 Motto is based on one of my favorite animated movies -- ROBOTS. The premise of the movie is the encouragement of seeking new ideas and inventions to make life better. It also encourages individuals to be reminded that they have value no matter who they are or where they come from. One of the quotes, from the movie, that supports this is “you can shine no matter what you are made of”. The main focus of our 2019 motto is derived from what I feel is the most impressive quote from the movie. “Look around for a need and start coming up with ideas to fill that need. One idea will lead to another and before you know it, you’ve done it. See a need, fill a need”. Hence, our 2019 Motto is… “See a Need, Fill a Need!”
If you think about this simple kids movie quote, you will realize it has a very powerful message. It talks about; problem solving, serving others; making life better and so much more. The first important part of our motto is “see a need”. Many people “know” a need, because they have been informed by others, but to “see a need” it requires you to be observant, aware and conscious of your surroundings. The second half of our motto is “fill a need”. In order for you to fill something you have to take action. Many people see a need and know that it should be filled, but stop at that thought process. A very simple analogy would be to use a dog’s water dish. You see that the dish is empty and you know your dog should have plenty of water but if you stop there the problem is not solved. You have to take action. You have to turn on the sink and fill the bowl. It is easier to observe a need but it takes a greater commitment to fill that need.
2019 is a perfect year to keep this motto close to our hearts. Our citizens contributed to the development of our new master plan that will be used to work on recreation facility and program delivery solutions such as: conducting an ADA assessment of our parks to observe if we are doing our best to make sure that every individual has access to recreational facilities and looking at our summer program to see if we can fill the needs our residents have been requesting of us in recent years. What will you be doing in 2019. Will you join us to make Clifton a better and brighter place to live? Will you invent new ways to fill a need? Will you stop and help a friend, neighbor or stranger fill a need that they have? Get out there and start filling needs. Volunteer for your church or school, reach out to an elderly neighbor who needs an errand to be run, help a fellow student with a subject matter that they are struggling with, teach a child how to throw and catch a ball, donate to a local charity, offer clothing & food to the needy, or find a better solution to a challenge at work, the list is endless.
I challenge you to “see a need and fill a need” no matter how simple it may be. Keep your eyes wide open. The more you look around the more you see and before you know it you will be making a better life for those around you by filling the needs you find. Remember that no matter who you are, you can make a contribution. Here is a challenge... take an empty jar and put a sign on the outside that says “You Can Shine No Matter What You Are Made Of”. Every time you see a need and fill a need, put a quarter in that jar. At the end of the year see how much you have collected and then use that money to fill a special need for yourself or your family.
“See a Need, Fill a Need!”
Debbie J. Oliver
Recreation Supervisor